Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I first saw this entertainer on tour with dance floor fantastix.... Erasure while thinking to myself, who is this grand glamazon?
 Shontelle T. Sparkles has brought her own signature of fierceness into the ever-changing world of drag while infusing glamour with can’t-be-touched hairstyles, illusion and transformation. Having the opportunity that many queens would kill for, Sparkles sheds light into the world of “making it work,” touring with Erasure, her sister Trinity Taylor of La’ Whore, realistic expectations and how dreams comes to fruition. Shontelle's name came from half of his boy name Shawn,  and then he just chose Shontelle because he wanted people to easily remember both his boy name Shawn and girl side Shontelle. Plus, Shontelle is a fierce name that reminds him of a classy gorgeous black girl and that’s what his personality is like in drag. Shontelle's boyfriend came up with the last name Sparkles because he's always wearing shiny costumes and jewelry. Don't let the pretty face fool you. Shontelle can act, do hair, paint flawless, is a dancing machine, dj, song write and sing!!!!Shontelle Sparkles is an entertainer out of Sarasota, Florida.  She has been featured at places like Lips in Fort Lauderdale, among many other places.

And did I mention he's just a tad hot out of drag??? 


  1. Wow
    Both cute...and gorgeous

  2. Can you say big titty realness!!!!!!

  3. It's not fair to be gorgeous in BOTH genders!

  4. My wife is forever commenting on how so many of the drag personae's are more beautiful than most women.'s true. But, being attractive in male form is a boost up.

  5. I agree with Debra, some of you look great so both sexes! I have never met Shontelle, but have heard of her legendary wigs!

  6. The nose looks so much bigger out of drag. It's amazing what camera angles will do. Do you like big noses, Mistress?


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