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It’s the most wonderful time of the year—time...... for the return of RuPaul‘s Drag Race!
RuPaul drops her flag once again in 2015, and 14 new queens rev up in hopes of being named America’s Next Drag Superstar. The new season premieres March 2 with a bang! Some of the youngest and oldest queens will be on this season, and I have to say, it's refreshing that so many of them are unknown, which I feel is what Drag Race should be about, to give the unknown queens a chance to step up and a time to shine, and show their just as good as well known bitches. It was also nice to see some queens on my wish list made it on. Although I still would have loved to have seen Maddelynn Hatter and Mayhem Miller make it on. I must admit to only knowing a few, so this season, I feel it will be pretty entertaining. I won't rank in order of elimination this time like last year, not having seen most of them, but will try to place somewhere in the spectrum. Let's take a gander, in alphabetical order, at the glamazons shall we?
Ginger Minj-Orlando
I really feel this bitch, she is a campy queen with a theater background from what I understand, she has a very girly, funky style. I think she should do pretty well, with a get along personality, and a very eclectic performer.
Jaidynn Dior Fierce-Nashville
She is giving me everything possible, personality, charm, energy. She should represent the big girls well. I think she may come close like Lattrice Royale did. She is here for the party and should be fun. I place her in the top 6.
Jasmine Masters-San Diego
When I first saw her, her drag style wasn't exactly my favorite. Almost like cookie cutter drag. Upon looking her up though, she is completely hilarious and over the top in her I Have Something to Say videos, she is bold, outspoken and going to be the source of some drama. Unfortunately I think she'll be in the top five to leave.The only thing worth noting here is that her name is a testament to the  Jasmine Guy. Go watch a random episode of "A Different World" right now and tell me you're not a born-again Jasmine Guy fan afterwards.
Kandy Ho- Cayey, PR
First off... love the name, a big, big, time pageant girl from Puerto Rico. She has multiple crowns ,is a high energy performer and  can do some fierce looks.... avant garde looks. Hopefully she'll last longer than past PR dragtestants. I have high hopes for her. Her makeup is downright enigmatic. I think she will be top 6.
Kasha Davis-Rochester
Now Kasha I have met and is pretty hilarious!!!! She has been in the drag game for years, and is good friends with Pandora Boxx. She gives old school drag, which is a good thing. She is pure drag camp, and she can spout out one liners left and right. But will she win? I don't think she'll take it as we just had Bianca win last year. She will be in the middle somewhere.
On one hand her looks aren't really versatile, blond and simple, but on the flip side she has a zany personality and her performances are a lot more comedic then expected. She'll be another middle of the pack girl.
Kennedy Davenport-Dallas
From what I have scene, another cookie cutter drag. This is what you'd expect on average if you went to a nice bar one night. Not good or bad. But I think she too will be one of the early birds leaving. I hope she's got the skills to back up her effortless charm though.
Max Malanaphy-Hudson, Wis
Not much known about this queen. I am getting a cross of Sharon Needles and a Tammie Brown glam, a high fashion Gothic, and she seem pretty in a unique way. Believe it or not, I'm a bit sad that I'm not ranking Max higher. His shtick here isn't really working, but he is nonetheless working the hell out of that shtick. I get behind the queens who commit. She really, really needs to work on her wit from what I've seen... if she's going to play an old Hollywood broad -- as I suspect she will -- in "Snatch Game." I will give the benefit and place top 6.
Miss Fame-New York City
Miss Fame and boy Fame
Now clear the runway......this queen has been the #1 requested queen to be on the show. He has been a male model, celebrity make up artist, and has done runway, and is known for his signature look. Miss Fame has the cleanliness, most flawless, polished look I have ever seen. Having talked to her before, she has a very laid back, chill personality,  and I don't know how well that will work with so many over the top queens. She is also one of the hottest guys to grace the show out of drag. I think Miss Fame will place top four.
Pearl- Brooklyn
Now Pearl...this is high fashion right here.  Very rich and royal rocker, and she is definitely a early fan favorite. Pearl's makeup is astonishingly ugly, but I approve of her languor and warped Donatella glamor. I have to respect a queen who has their own style. Having seen her... she can come across as Miss Fame meets Raja.  I place her in the top 4.
Sasha Belle-Iowa City
I'll have to forgive the fact that she stole her name from Beyonce's ridiculous alter-ego. Guys, stop talking about Beyonce. Never an interesting conversation. I think Sasha seems sincere and smart otherwise. She reminds me of a young Rue Mcclanahnan in this picture. In my research, she has probably the most versatile of looks. Every picture I saw she looked like a different person. I think she'll bring a fresh, youthful feel to the show. While not spectacular, she isn't doing anything wrong either.
Ok. THIS is drag right here!!!!!! Another I have met and seen several times. One gets a Varla Jean feel with a dose of fierce Joanne Whorley with Laugh In vibe!!!! She definitely hits one with old school drag like Kasha , but brings some campy, comedic style. And I adore a queen with a retro feel. Very bold and in your face style ..... great addition to the show. She should place top 6.
Trixie Mattel-Milwaukee
One of the cutest name drag names. Very high energy and very thought out, and is know for her serve make up, think shades on Milk, and brings  back memories of some of the old fan favorites we wanted to see more from. I see her being very creative and a very cool ass queen.  I think she should do very well. Probably middle of the pack
Violet Chachki- Atlanta
Trust me, I appreciate that her name is lifted from a Jennifer Tilly movie, but there is just nothing else going on here. I really don't know much about her, and she says she's a self proclaimed bitch. She is very eager, but seems reserved. The only thing I know are of rumors where she supposedly, a few years ago was at a drag show with Sharon Needles. Sharon's crown went missing/ swiped/ stolen, and that Violet was at the root of it.. Months later she did a photo shoot with a identical crown upon her head. Coincidence? just saying, watch out gurls!!!!! But must say makes a hot man!
So there you have it. Should be interesting. If I have to name a top 6, I'd have to go with Max Malanaphy, Jaidyn Dior Fierce, Tempest Dujour, Miss Fame, Pearl and Kandy Ho, in no certain order.
Who do you like the looks of?


  1. I can't wait for season seven!!! Miss Fame's makeup skills are fantastic. She is my pick to win it all!

  2. I have been patiently awaiting this post!!!!! I really do like your tops picks. Miss Fame is just downright flawless, which I'm sure Santino and Michelle will have an immediate problem with. Great post.

  3. Have to admit the only one I'm familiar with is Miss Fame...from her 2-torials. The deck seems stacked in her favor. Can she lip sync? FOR HER LIFE?

    With the name, Trixie Mattel, I expect she'll not disappoint.

  4. I too was looking forward to this post, since last year you nailed the order almost to a tee! I love Kasha Davis the best, but know she probably won't win. I think this will be a great season, since their all pretty much not known.

  5. Come on season 7, lets get sickening!!!! I do like Kasha and Tempest, but being through the mill, historically, two queens of the same cloth have never won back to back. Miss Fame is being hyped huge, like Courtney Act was, never know. All I gotta say is I feel for whoever lipsynches up against Kennedy.......she's sickening!!!!!!!

  6. I should really support Jasmine being from my home state, but am totally feeling Pearl, and he may just be the hottest man in drag race history! I also like Trixie!

    1. Agreed. He is quite a cutie!!!!! And we all know what the term drag queen means. A drag queen is a man who has way TOO MUCH fashion sense for one sex!!!!!!!!!

  7. Since our favorites are always the ones with the most humor we are tentatively intrigued with Tempest. But who knows?! Looking forward to the 26th!

  8. yes, I love that they went with mostly unknowns. I'm excited to see Katya, who I get a Willam feel from. I going with her. But adore the style of Tempest and Kasha, who are both funny as hell.

  9. I always heard, they should have this one on, or this on, queens most gay people or drag queens already know, so I respect RuPaul for selecting less well known. My three favorites are Miss Fame, Tempest Dujour and Sasha Belle.

  10. I don't mean to alarm anyone, but I think that some of these women might actually be men!!!! I love quirky, so Im rooting for Max.

  11. Looks like a great lineup. definitely one of the best-looking in years. Love the diversity. Let the race begin.

  12. my god, did we wait long enough?

    and i suppose that ridiculous LOGO© is
    STILL only airing in non-HD. harumph.

    1. Still. They best get their act together.

  13. I like Pearl from Brooklyn. Her tattooed-Barbie-Doll-in-a-neck-brace look rocks!

    1. Me too!!!!! I have seen Pearl, so I hoping she brings things I have seen her do and wear. I hate when some get on there and then are never like what I know them to be. Example....Mimi Imfurst.

  14. Now this will be my holiday!!!!!!! I'm going with Ginger and Tempest for my choices. Adore their looks.

  15. I like the last six above.....but the rest in not feeling. Looking forward to seeing how this season will pan out. My favorite season so far was the last one.

  16. Great race guide!!!!!! After seeing this by really feeling Miss Fame, Pearl and Tempest looks funny as hell!

  17. I have some faves, but when you said this of Tempest:

    "Varla Jean feel with a dose of fierce Joanne Whorley with Laugh In vibe!!!!"

    I decided I was in on that!

  18. Looks like another good season and love many of the queens. Boy from the meet the queens videos, I really loved Katya's personality.

  19. I love drag queens so I love this show. From the videos I seen I love Kandy Ho and Jaidynn Fierce. Their personalities were contagious!!!!!

  20. I love them all, but I am rooting for Jaidynn or Kasha for the you post on this. Will you do recaps?

  21. I have seen Jaidynn, and she has an amazing personality. This just could be the year for the big gal to win.

  22. Miss Fame is the videos, while stunning, seems very unapproachable. I love Pearl's aesthetic, and hope it's enough to carry her if she steps out of her oyster. Kasha? That voice alone makes me happy!


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