Sunday, February 10, 2013

Prince Galliano to Return, Hopefully

Finally things are getting interesting in the world of fashion and just in time for Fashion Week. It appears that John Galliano has finally found a halfway house that's suited to his special talents. According to Vogue and a very in the know, up to the moment insider says he's to be admitted to the Oscar de la Renta House for further observation and an aggressive working of occupational therapy in a three week stint. Oscar de la Renta has been listing in the shallows for the past few years, so Galliano could be their star patient who may be just the boost they, and he, needs. The designer is widely thought of as one of the most talented and creative names in fashion. His shows for both his eponymous label and for Dior were known for their drama and theatrical beauty. Although de la Renta dismissed the idea that the move was part of plans to hire Galliano as his successor if he ever decides to retire, he welcomes any creative input the designer has to do with his work. One can not help but figure the influence and gentle nudging of Queen Wintour, the post modern doppelganger of Marie Antoinette. Her tough love methods of covert intimidation and deal brokering may just be what everyone needs at this juncture. I for one am extremely curious as to how this will all play out. It's been just a famine of fashion since Galliano's fall from grace. Who do we have to look to for any grace, style and theatrical, the Kings of snooze, Kors and Ralph Lauren? Now here is fashion.....just some of the little frocks Galliano has flung together.............

We shall see where all this goes for Galliano. And speaking of Anna Wintour........

And in a unrelated note last night I had a dream that while in New York, I had dinner at a restaurant with Anna Wintour, where we were double booked for a table. So we sat together and slung some libations back, where we talked of many things, and I told her 35 times I adored her hair. Needles to say I woke up in a very sublime mood!

That's it, are you waiting for a curtain to fall? Tootles


  1. Forgiveness is key, I say we should welcome him back.

  2. Hopefully Galliano learned his lesson. And if I had a dream about Anna Wintour, I imagine Tim Gunn's observation about her being carried down flights of stairs by assistants would be in there somewhere.

  3. Viva GALLIANO! Happy to see him again after his rehabilitation! Without his genius, the fashion world was drowning in a boring luxury, but now it's got a chance. And lest face it, Oscar could use some help!

  4. Greetings from Oheka! We made it! I just had to comment because when I heard this I thought of you! Some lovely pieces here. Granted he is over the top, but his Ready to Wear was even creative. "the Kings of snooze, Kors and Ralph Lauren"! Love it, and not untrue. It's the same old crap seaon after season. Where is the creativity? As for Michaels Kors, he has become nothing more than a rip off artist, and a branding whore. I still don't know why he is on Project Runway, if it's even still on.

  5. If you're doling out compliments on the state of one's coiffure, please visit me in MY dreams tonight.

  6. I know you adore his work and he is talented, but with all due repsect Mistress, it's ironic, Hitler would have thrown him straight into a concentration camp. What an ignorant buffoon he is. And I don't think he should be given another chance in the fashion world, after such remarks.

    1. with all due respect also, but Galliano, one of the world's great design geniuses, deserves to be seen again. It is now time to shed the albatross that's become a postscript to anything written or said about him, and to allow the sheer brilliance and talent of this man to emerge once more.

  7. I must admit, I don't really follow fashion, but I do know when I see some great creations. Bravo to Oscar de la Renta and,by the godmother of great designers, Ms. Wintour --as they move the clock forward to support him. He's a true stanchion in the world of fashion -- and society. Both are to be appauled for bringing Galliano back into the fashion fold where he belongs

  8. That red number is faboosh.

    And, um, did Anna leave you to pick up the tab?

  9. You and Anna Wintour together for dinner. No doubt both with sunglasses. Anna, because its her trademark, yours, from a hangover!


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