Tuesday, February 14, 2012

St.Valentine's- To My Lovelies........

Happy Valentine's Day to all my sweets out there! I hope you all have a wonderfully lovable day, filled with flirtation, decadence, seduction, treats,and surprises today, for the Mistress has brought you all flowers..............

The Zinnia

The Calla Lilly

The Ranunculus

The Rose

The Orchid

Lovely aren't they? Can you imagine a whole bouquet of these all together! These are also lovely. My project last night was to make chocolate cupcakes with lava in the middle, topped with red and pink icing! Their going to work with me today for my co-workers. Just call me Brie Vandakamp!

Even my fitness instructor greeted me this morning in the Casa's sports dome with cheery red on!

Any plans for anyone today? Nothing major here. After work I'll be heading home to the Casa, for the Lad will be coming for dinner. But this is a usual thing, our weekly clandestine. But for the day he is wondering if I have any rope, an apron, and and handcuffs? Should I be worried? Ah hell, you only live once. Tootles!


  1. I'm making heart-shaped blueberry pancakes for My Rare One. Hugs and smooches to you -- have a great day!

  2. We're not big fans of the Hallmark holidays.
    Every day is a day to Carlos that I love him.

  3. No special plans here. It's just another day.

  4. So your trainer even color coordinated for you! Talk about a sweetheart!

  5. Smooches! I knew I'd get something from you!

    God, I want that man to train me, I cannot build muscle, I'm either skinny or fat.

  6. I hope you have the most fabulous heart-on ever!


  7. Happy Vaelentine;s Mistress! I awlays thought Christmas was youe holiday. I see you also excel on the day of love!!!!

  8. These will be the only flowers I get all day! Happy Valentines Mistress!

  9. ah, yeah, when is your trainer available???????

  10. I'M NOT asking ANY questions on this post.....but thank you for the lovely flowers.

  11. Rope and handcuffs? What in hell did I walk in on?


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