Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Grande Dame

This fiery red head comes to us from the state of Arizona. Eileen Forward, started doing drag because her friends always wanted to see her "in face". A friend of hers especially wanted to get her in face since he had just started doing drag himself. So Eileen decided to start with him and all she can say is that it was a really wild time and enjoyed doing the shows. However, Eileen packed up the pumps and decided that she would go back to pursue her Master’s degree. Drag slowly ceased and school became the priority. Well, two Masters and a certificate of advanced graduate studies later, Eileen has decided to come back out and give it another chance. She probably never would have gone out again but her friends, and other queens, push for Eileen's return and now three years later is still performing drag shows and now using the talent as a money maker for charities. Eileen Forward can be seen performing at lounges and clubs in and around the Tempe, Arizona area. Eileen is a gift pack of brains and beauty!


  1. It's not a very well known fact but some gay men were born trapped in the wrong body.

  2. Wow, I would have thought that was a woman for sure!!!

  3. God love Eileen!!!! Is her boyfriend Ben Dover?

  4. She is stunning! Sort of remind me of Philly's Carlotta Tendant.


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