Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Grande Dame of the Week

The lovely and multi-talented....Venus D-Lite!

Venus D-Lite is from California, and is also part of the DREAMGIRLS Revue, A very popular drag show that's has been going on for some time now. Venus is FUN! She quick, sure about herself, confident, sassy, funny! Venus D-Lite is also one of the most well known Madonna Lookalike/Female Impersonator/Tribute Artist currently living in Los Angeles and she works at various clubs all around Southern California. Venus also has her own drag show at V.I.P NightClub in Riverside California every Saturday Night at 11p.m.But in a couple weeks she will be a drag testant on the third season of RuPaul's Dragrace and is one of my Top Queens as well to win. I have a feeling she will be a hoot and a holler to watch!


  1. Love Venus D-Lite!!!!!! I wondered when you would get aroung to featuring her! If she doesnt win that damn show is fixed! She should be very good and funny, the Pandora of this year.

  2. Well Im glad she will be on the show! I have seen her several times. Wow!

  3. I have never heard of her , but does she resemble Madonna or what!

  4. I love myself some Venus D-Lite!

  5. Wow, very impressive!


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