Saturday, March 3, 2018


I didn't expect that many inquires after the links provided in the Just Ask face is that of the fabulous Ben dela Crème to keep up. But here it goes.

Anne Marie-
an interior design free lance project I have installing at a clients home this week" - is that a euphemism for "daddy warbucks is in town"? No...really it was work for a client. Daddy Warbucks is not due in town another a couple weeks yet.

What does a daily routine look like for you? In a nut shell.

Madame Redfern-
What would you say your top 5 go-to-movies are to watch? In no order, Butterfield 8, Auntie Mame, Priscilla- Queen of the Desert, Bram Stoker's Dracula, The Vivacious Lady, and the Women. Opps, that's 6...sue me.

Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan-
If you ran into the President in the elevator what would you say to him? "I'll take the next elevator. To share a elevator with the like of you, would be an affront and insult to the very delicacy of my nature." Contrary to Deedles comment, I would not waste a good heel to hit that slob....I might ruin a good heel.

What are some small things that make your day better? Coffee, a bubble bath, listening to classical music, Shamrock Shakes..I've had two already,  sex, and cheese.

What life lesson or advice would you give or share with your younger self or others? Something you wish someone had told you? By far, Life is a banquet, and some sorry suckers are starving" It is a great quote to live life to. I wish someone had told me when younger to not wait to travel more.

Norma Desmond-
Would you let me blow you? As long as you keep the teeth in, yes.

Cali Boi-
What two guys would you most like to be sandwiched between?
And can I watch Norma blow you? David Zongoli and David Gandy!!! Yes....just wait till Norma is done though.

If someone narrated your life, who would you want to be the narrator? Kathleen Turner.....that voice!!!!

Cello Josh-
What are the top three qualities that draw you to someone new? Personality, humor, smile...then ass. bRwahahahaha...

What was your first time like? I assume you mean sex. Well it was very exciting and surprising. It took place in the back of a Jetta. And was also the first time I experienced an endowed guy. I remember needing more room and headed out the sunroof. I had quite the reputation after we started dating....oh your Maddie, the one hanging out the sunroof!!!!

I know you mentioned in the past you enjoy Greek mythology. What God would you be? I know many may expect Aphrodite or the like, but I would go with either Hera or Aires. Lately with humans, I'd be a very vengeful God.

If someone made a movie about you, what actor would be cast as you?
I like the idea of Neil Patrick Harris playing me.

My sense of you from your writing is that you're very self-confident. Would you say that's true? Do you have any insecurities? That was a good one. Yes. I am very self confident, but do have insecurities.  Being the last in my family and being alone. Being hurt in a relationship. And sometimes money. I don't have to worry but one does worry about years down the road and will one have enough for retirement.

The Mistress-
Where's that fifty bucks you owe me? $50!!! I thought it was $5. Here...hold my G-string will you.....

Who's the biggest "I Smell An Ignorant Bitch" in your mind and Who's your favorite "In Three Words"? Trump is the BIGGEST Ignorant Bitch and my favorite In Three Words would have to be Joan Crawford.

Are you what you wanted to be when you grew up? No, I originally wanted to be first a private detective, then a veterinarian, before settling on interior design and visual styling.

Would ever pose nude....or have you ever posed nude?  Yes and have.

What do you think of fashion trends - the latest being the pompadour, facial hair, and tattoos? Who is your top fashion designer of all time? it, only the modern take on it though, low key and done nicely. Facial hair I love, and prefer stubble. The beard I don't mind, but was beginning to get over every other guy having a beard. Some guys just don't look right with them. Tattoos, if done right I don't mind, but don't care for very large ones, or sleeves. My all time favorite designer, hands down is John Galliano.

If you could be any animal, what creature would you be? Oh, I would definitely be a fox....or a peacock. Either one would be fitting.

Are you bigger than a breadbox? Not sure what your talking of but yes, I'm bigger than a bread box, but smaller than a refrigtor box.

if some guy came up to you and said he liked you and thought your your price on being kept....would you take him up on it? We're all whores dear, were just haggling about the price.

Dave R-
Inseam size? 31 length. What are you thinking???

If you could pick any two guys to have a threesome with, you'd you pick???? See Cali Boi's answer.

Sooo, This is me-
Whenever you invite one of your little friends for a sleepover, when it comes to bunk beds, do you prefer the top bunk or would you rather be on the bottom?  Ha!!! You know I love me a slumber party!!! I tell you, I love both bunks. It depends on my mood and my randiness. Both feel great to me, but I seem to get tossed to the bottom bunk to much.

Lady Finger-
Do you miss doing drag???? At times yes, but still get to do it from time to time. But no, not on a regular basis.

Are all guys in your area as fun and exciting as you Mistress?

Mr. DeVice-
You are clearly very stylish and artistic - both professionally and personally - so, how do you begin a design project (for either work or home)? Do you sketch your ideas out yourself, or describe it to someone else who does the drawing? Or do you forego the planning stage as you instinctively know what you want/need, and get stuck in with the fabric/clothes/furniture/props etc?  At work, after we know the themes of the season, I pretty much know what instinctively will work and what I want to use as far as color, props, and fashion. The only time I may do a sketch would be in a feelance design project for a client for interior design, if they cant see what a room will look like, but even those are rare these days.  The only time I most likey do a drawing would be if we are structurally changing things. Drag is the same way. I just know what look I want and it all comes together rather quick.

I know performing in drag and transitioning to a female are two different things, but how do you feel about the latter? I've read that there's some tension between the two groups. I personally never had any problems with the latter, but some queens think the real art is in the transformation without any surgical help. The Ms Gay America Pageant is strictly for all male drag queens with the true art form, while the Ms Gay USof A is for all queens also, but does allow transitioning and surgically enhanced queens. To me though, true drag is someone who is all male, and can make wonders with hair and make up....that is the true art after all.

Do you know how to play any musical instruments? Besides the butt bongos and the skin

Mahogany Empress-
What sound do you love? The Ocean!!!!

What is your favorite time of day/day of the week/month of the year? My favorite time of day is night time. Day of week is Saturday and time of year is Summer...the hotter the better.

Whew....I'm exhausted. Excuse me now while I get a Gin and Tonic. Thanks for playing!


  1. :-) The ocean for me too. 13 years living next to it.

  2. Thank goodness I didn't ask how many time you masturbate... I'd been embarrassed.

  3. Love the answers and the questions were great. I love when bloggers do these, gives more insight to the writer. Your quite interesting.

  4. Another entertaining read Mistress. I love these! I love your answer to Betty's question-"We're all whores dear, were just haggling about the price."

    Will that be the name of your autobiography? I'd read that.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed all the Q and A's.

  6. Wow! Thanks for sharing... sincerely sharing. You are a joy.

  7. I never got to give a question, I somehow missed the post, but I sure did enjoy the questions. And I thouroghly enjoyed your answer and clip to Brodys question. I see your morning just liked that. My favorite movie intro.

  8. Wow, that is a long one (posting that is!) Thanks!

    1. the mistress says the same thing to the guy working the deli counter.

  9. oh gawd she's baaaaack...your snark was missed, and the houseboyz have been lazy slobs. time to crack the whip, dear!

    1. don't encourage him to crack anything....bottoms are still sore around here.

  10. Well well well ... now I'l be singing 'Getting To Know You' from The King & I all day!

  11. You did know that a longer inseam tends to make things look... shorter, didn't you?

    1. that won't work in his case, have you seen that thing?

  12. That's good to know you prefer either bunk if I ever need to crash their sometime!!!

    And speaking of Ben...I totally think he'd won the whole season too!

    1. mistress!!!!!! Daniel evidently thinks the casa looks like a howard johston's.

  13. But the Lad says his bottom bunk is better?

  14. Some of your answers were cracking me up!!!! I can see why you choose a foxy....your wily!

    Ocean...a good sound to hear. Love the daily routine video.

  15. Your "first time" in a Jetta? So funny! Mine was in the back of a VW bug, alas, no sunroof. Glad you are safe.

    1. it's beyond me why you and the Mistress don't car pool?

    2. Anitia, honey, that was forty-five years ago and I was a whole person smaller! We'd need a bus, because I refuse to get into a car I have to wear! I also refuse to leave California :)

  16. I absolutely loved you answer to Mistress Maddie's #1 Fan's question. A Julia Sugarbaker comeback if I ever heard one. To the point, and elegantly insulting.

    Love you answers

  17. LOL,LOL,LOL!!! OH we know you love your Shamrock Shakes!!!!!!

  18. There really shouldn’t be a comma between the words Sex and Cheese you know.

  19. So your a bunk jumping boy! I like that....variety is the spice of life after all.

    You'll also be glad to know I have a spacious jeep.

  20. I so respect a guy that is such a good accommodating host, positioning yourself to make them feel welcome, typical Scorpio. I feel a little unsettled that I know the answer to the masturbation question however. I think I'm too involved in blog land.

  21. I too enjoy this read. I love that you open up and can share information.....i like that their is a person here and not just massed out political and Hollywood crap. I can read the Enquirer or Times for that stuff.

  22. What a love best about you is your open and humorous side. Don't ever change.

  23. What fantastic and fabulous answers! Thank you for sharing and for entertaining! Also, thank you for teaching us the lessons you've learned in life! It has been a most enjoyable read.

    P.S. I love Ben dela Crème for his actions in Drag Race! He (or She) is a class act! He is an inspiration to be true to yourself and to be kind to others and yourself. In the end, he was much bigger than the format and scope of the show. He left that show much more than a Queen. He became an Empress!

    Make room, Victoria! There's another regal presence now!

  24. I, too, enjoyed this, and thanks for answering my question.

  25. You had me at the sound of the ocean.


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