Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Dulce De Leche is a multifaceted drag performer best known for her powerful, soulful voice. Inspired by 50’s & 60’s soul divas and her childhood icon, Bette Midler, she is a ballsy and brassy broad who is a proud member of one of San Francisco’s most respected drag houses, The House of MORE! I love her drag style. Dulce has appeared on-stage with the legendary Peaches Christ Productions; on-screen in Adrian Anchondo’s Beyonce parody “In N Out Mission,” as the Cowardly Lion for the FRAMELINE29 promo video, and on HBO’s LOOKING. She was crowned the 2013 Miss Tiara Sensation and is the reigning Hard French Winter Ball Queen. But for a real good time, check her out can regularly  with her hosting JUNK every Thursday at Powerhouse and out n about the city the rest of the time. She is a powerhouse I tell ya and full of hilarity. Last time I saw her, my sides were killing me from laughter.


  1. She seems like a real hoot! Love the homage to The Birds. That last picture, though. I would hate to run into her in a dark alley!

  2. Fierce, and yeah that last one is scary fierce.
    Love the nod to Tippi, though.

    1. Listen, if she isn't afraid to kiss some ass, she sure won't be afraid to kick some ass.

  3. I, too, am big fan of The Birds/Tippi Hedren foto! It's hilarious, glamorous, and scary at the same time! Fantastic!

  4. She's so expressive in the photos, I can imagine how good she is on the stage.

  5. Shes great! I call her two tons of fun.


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