Friday, June 1, 2012

Queen of Exotica

Whilest I am still going through pictures from the weekend for a post and wrapping work up, I thought I would entertain you all with the talent of the stunning Yma Sumac, the Queen of Exotica, who was born on the tenth of September 1922 in the peruvian city Ichocán.She had a vocal range of four and a half octaves, when she was younger she was able to sing six octaves! Yma captivated me with her exquisite exotic beauty, her proud carriage, and her unfathomably exotic voice.I spent most every week in the summers with my grandmother who had several of Yma Sumac’s albums, where I would play in the yard listening to her voice pouring out the back windows, staring at her picture in wonderment of how any being could be so beautiful. Somewhere there is a photograph of me in my grandmothers back yard holding myself in replica of Yma’s noble manner. She lived to 86. The Peruvian Songbird left a magical artistic work and a life full of alleged mysterious.
 Now if y'all just hush, we'll take a listen.............



  1. What regal bearing! Like a Queen . . . or a true Diva!

  2. OMG.... I have not heard the name Yma Sumac is ages & ages!
    My Auntie was a major fan and would play them for me when I was a young new Queer!

  3. I've just discovered Yma Sumac's wonderful music , it's keeping me sane right now.

  4. Part of me is glad that the company BEP are into this incredible old music, and are helping to introduce a new generation to these great sounds. But I'm also bugged because they really don't give the original artists credit. I was listening to Miserlou one day and my little sister yelled "hey, he ripped off the Black Eye Peas!" I kinda wanted to strangle her. Yma's music is incredible!

  5. I love that Kahlua commercial that featured her song!!

  6. Yma Sumac belongs to the humanity as one of the most remarkable voices that once exist...She belongs to the whole world..The best singer ever! Astonishing! Uncomparable! Wikipedia claims she was a soprano. She actually was a contralto as you can clearly hear in certain parts of the recording . She was able to expand her vocal range upwards. You can hear her change from contralto to soprano.

  7. Ms. Sumac is on Mistress MJ's home playlist.

    One of a kind!


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