Monday, December 23, 2019


Well, I must say, the Mistress had never been entered so much in the last week! I mean to say with your decoration submissions!!!!! It seems you all are in the mood. Since I showed you mine, I guess you decided to show me yours. I was going to let y 'all guess who they belonged too, but that might be very tricky to guess, and of course there were all kinds of décor, a few smarts asses, and even one with, and I quote "No-one would ever guess it was mine 🙂Bah Humbug," Here we present in order of entering.

The lovely Christina's home. I do love all her fireplaces, and she is a gal after my own heart with the use of red lights, and bottle brush trees.
Brody's ceramic collection
Cap Chasen's tree.

My good friend, the Dame Courtney's parlor.
The next one shocked me. I thought Cali-Boi would have had something dirty.
But alas...our dear Norma Lee Drunk didn't disappoint. This showed up with "my yule logs on the tree." I imagine her holidays parties are lively.
John C's tree, along with his collection of snow globes.
Coco de Mere's tree and fireplace...with more Red lights!!!!
Timmy's gold tree...with accompanying yule log!!!! Nice touch.
Madame Redfern with some of her vintage collection pieces
We should have know Agnes Goldberg-DeWoofs would have some flair. She said "...even though William is Jewish and I converted, I still sneak in a few touches of Christmas too. Your balls and bottle brush trees inspired me." I had no idea Agnes my balls inspired.

He said, "While my tree isn't up yet, I'm getting there." Trust me handsome...we can forgive you. Hubba Hubba!!!
From Washington DC next,  here we have Samantha's natural looking spread.
And yet another one doesn't let us down....Daniel! A gift set perhaps? Well at least his private time in bed is a festive one!!!! But are they diswasher safe?
Cello Josh, our resident musician "Hey, at least I have one ball on it."
A beautiful old fashioned tree from the talents of Ursula from New Zealand.
Jacoby's elves. They look guilty to me.
In from Amsterdam is our dear Midnight Magpie. I'm loving the flamingos. And that window is huge. I can't help wonder if he does a good peep show in it???
Another Charlie Brown tree....from Adrino. How cute.
Up next is fan favorite Anne Marie with her tree. I can just bet when it went up she was cussing. Can't you hear it? " RTG, why is this god damn fucking thing not fitting in this stand?!? What the fuck is wrong with it...Im over this shit, and fuck the balls, were just doing the lights. God damn fucking holidays...who the fuck needs them. Besides,  I'd like to take our topper and shove it right up trumps ass." Did I get it right Anne Marie? And so you all know, Anne Marie's beautiful handy work is under the's skirt!
Next up is some holiday greetings from the Mahogany Empress!!!!!
 She swears it looks like her.
Calliope and her swanky digs. She say she doesn't have time to do a tree with traveling, but puts her time into a beautiful mantle, and that it is!!!
Ariel's tree with his cute puss, O'Hara,apparently giving the tree a final approval...or getting ready to tear it down?
Bryon's tree. Very calming.
The Charlie Brown tree's are popular this is Carmen Dioxide's!
Cooper and his pinecones wreath. He said, " Here is my one lowly decoration, but all my holiday cheer is seen below." Dear, I'll have another!
Next up from out West in Arizona is Pat from Big Whack Attack, with a tree in white and gold. And Im guessing he took great care with his balls. I spy a owl on there too. I love me my birds!!!
And last but certainly not least is our very own camp historian Jon from England and fellow Gin Blossom, who is a member of CRUM, Christmas, Resistance, Underground Movement. This came yesterday along with  "No-one would ever guess it was mine 🙂Bah Humbug," I believe that is a piece of candy hanging, but not sure. But we can forgive his not decorating, I mean with what,  all his time and work and talents in the extensive gardens at Dolores DeLargo Towers. I  mean they are things of legends girls.
So those are the submissions!!!! 
We certainly have a creative and fun bunch and a huge THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY who sent in a certainly was fun to see and I do believe they do match up to the personality of each person, which is neat. Now who needs a drink?


  1. I could use a G&T!

    such festive decorations!

    PS - the tree skirt was not made by me, but by a former co-worker (now deceased) almost 40 years ago. the tree was an apartment warming gift from my evil younger sister in 1977. and yes, you quoted me perfectly; I sound just like aunt chippy!

  2. WOW !!!!! That certainly was very fun!!!!! I love them all. But I can't help but notice that Daniel like them big and veiny?!?!?

  3. That was a great showing indeed!!!! The Mahogany Empress had me spraying my soda right out my nose!!!!!!

    I wish I would have submitted mine now.

  4. They all look so festive! I love Jacoby's elves.

    But this proves I can be a good boy.

    1. once a year for you doesn't count for good behavior after i saw your last post. your impaling some poor guy.

    2. I agree. I expect your massive cock wrapped up for gifting.

  5. All such warm and cozy homes!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this Mistress...and we got to see your lovely assets today too!!!! I love your green briefs. And is that Mateo single?!?!?!? Hubba indeed.

  6. This may be getting me in the spirit.

    Oh maybe it's the brandy ….

  7. Yes dear....that is indeed me!!! Bravo to all , all so good to see! Just don't bump into Norma's tree!!!!!

    1. sweet mother of pearl, your jahoobies are bigger than mine! I bow to your magnificence!

  8. Oh how fun and cheery everybody's house is!!!! All so different. My window is big, so if you'd like to come shake your buns in it, your more than welcome too.

  9. They are all so different but all so lovely!
    Merry Christmas, one and all!

  10. Oh my...its a tree spectacular!!!!!! I ecen like the ones not decorated and Mrs Agnes's vignettes look lovely.

  11. Beautiful!!!! One and all!!

    Now i want Mateo to come and help me get mine up!

  12. So much variety! That last looks like Venetian glass. And I’m curious to know how big Norma Lee Drunk’s tree(s) is/are. Can’t tell from the photo.

  13. Ha Ha!!! I love Jon's festering decor!!
    Happy Christmas, Maddie!

    1. How perfect actually....a bah humbug hanging!!!!! Merry Christmas Miss Scarlett!

  14. How festive! I missed the call for entrants, sorry! I'll joint AM, but I think we will insert the entire tree up "he who must not be named's" ample posterior. I just noticed the "sugar plums" from yesterday, oh how festive!

  15. What a wonderful treat to see the variety, and all so beautiful. I have three more trees in the house - - two purple ones in the entry way and a Charlie Brown one in the sitting room. I would've been disappointed if there had not been a single naughty tree. I'd do one of them myself, but it would shock the in-laws!
    Now, mistress, of course your balls inspire! Personally, I find them delicate and deliciously lickable. Merry Christmas my friend!

  16. Well, the halls are truly and properly decked now! Happy holidays to all the decorators!

  17. That was indeed a great showing. So glad my elves passed muster. I love Cap,s sparse slim tree...very cool. And Daniel!!!! Your so naughty. I love you. And Norma!! That was the money shot right there.

  18. with all the phallic, dildos and balls, i didn't know if this was a sex show or a decorators showing. nice entries.

  19. A breathtaking and festive post. So fun to see everyone's take. Merry Christmas all!!!!

  20. Now that is truly a talented bunch of submissions!!!! For some reason I really love the little Charlie Brown trees, but all so pretty. That Norma Lee Drunk, is that tree for real??? I can't believe Cali Boi or Anne Marie aren't trying to swipe the penis!

    I would love a Manhattan dear.

    1. Maddie's balls inspire many. Especially in P-town!

  21. I fell in love with several entrants and I got me some nice ideas. Norma Lee Drunk made me laugh so hard i almost wet myself.

  22. How lovelyly!!!!! This has lifted my spirits....especially the one in my hands.

  23. Im so glad I wasn't the only one with just a plain tree. Lovely post. I love lights.

  24. What a wonderful collection! So lovely to see how other people decorate. Great idea and post, Mistress!
    If I'd gotten around to sending a photo, my tree is kind of a cross between Coco de Mere's and Asriel's.

  25. WOW!!!! M.s Drunk and Mahogany had me in stiches with their submissions. And John C's tree is stunning. I wish I'd had time to help Mateo handle his balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Holidays to all you creative decorators. And Im not about to stand in my window and do a peep show. You however could all night with your assets!!!!!


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