Monday, October 8, 2018


Here we are again. Monday. Where do these weekends go?  What another good weekend , relaxing for the most part....the Lad now departed till our next encounter. Neither of us wanted to depart the bed today. It has left me feeling a touch of autumnal mood finally.

Robert Louis Stevenson: 'Autumn Fires'
"In the other gardens 
And all up the vale, 
From the autumn bonfires 
See the smoke trail! 

Pleasant summer over 
And all the summer flowers, 
The red fire blazes, 
The grey smoke towers. 

Sing a song of seasons! 
Something bright in all! 
Flowers in the summer, 
Fires in the fall!"


  1. That's one mean-looking rabbit.

  2. Abby wants that 'Beware' sign. I loves all the farm animals lined up and checking us out. Have a calm and happy week! xoxoxox

  3. You always find such gorgeous photos to post!

  4. I agree with Debra. You always find the most amazeballs photos!

    I love the poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson. My favourite is "Bed by day" it reminds me of my children.

  5. I suppose it is difficult to get up at this time of year, unless you have a Lad in your bed, of course. Jx

    PS You make the gloomy days of Autumn look almost appealing with those photos...

  6. Now I really liked this post. I LOVE acorns...have many jars filled with them, and fall and I have a dream to downsize and live in a airstream. I love those things.

  7. I don't know you - or your blog - but wow great photos!

    1. Welcome Liz! Most came from my favorite intstagrams. Certainly puts me in the mood for autumn.

  8. I like fall! The smell of he leaves, their sound cracking under foot, and the death of a these fucking mosquitoes.

  9. has your tush recovered from the fun weekend yet?

  10. Gosh, I need some Fall was 90 in Smallville today!

  11. I agree with a few here. Your Monday posts have always been among my favorite...I'm glad their back along with you.

  12. Someday soon it will start to feel like autumn,

  13. Monday wasn't so bad this time around. I got to work for once.


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