Thursday, February 15, 2018


Every big city has their own type of drag aesthetic that makes the performers in that city stand out from other communities. Over the past few years, there has been some insane growth in the city of Chicago because rather than having a signature aesthetic that does well, each performer uses the stage as their outlet to do whatever they feel like doing, regardless of outside standards. On the drag circuit there has been the Princess, Kim Chi, Shea Coulee, Beverly Lately and Sara Andrews to name a few. Chicago performers are truly one of a kind artists that take their work to a whole new level, and that work should never go unappreciated. The performers in Chicago have formed a sisterhood and have encouraged each other to take things to the next level instead of trying to tear each other down. That's what makes the city of Chicago so very special.
Meet Valentine Addams, who was encouraged by Chicago's star host, Trannika Rex, to showcase her talent, and since then, Valentine hasn't looked back. Valentine Addams is just one of the very many Chicago performers that prides herself in being a one of a kind artist and is always looking for ways to take her work to the next level. The possibilities are limitless.  Valentine got her name not from yesterday's holiday, but because her first name being Valter. Addams, because she loves the Addams family and  started off in drag years ago with a more gothic style.  And Valentine's best advice for up and coming drag queens.....practice make perfect and don't drink and drag least not a lot!!!!


  1. Now here a stunning queen about my size. I have been thinking of starting to use some colored wigs for a change.

  2. Very vibrant! That last Sailor Moon look is fantastic!

  3. Brilliant. And she even does her own Ophelia Addams (photo 3)

  4. It's the names that get me giggling... Who of them do you think do the best in the long run - those with names like RuPaul - those with Miss Kitty Litter?

    Happy weekend. Hugs!!!

  5. She's got that purple thing going.

  6. Lovely post. Please comment and follow my blog. Thanks.


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