Monday, September 14, 2015


Well, I guess some things are not meant to change. Would you believe this is the first Monday I have worked in about almost two months??? Yep, still don't like them. Although it is still more easy to get up this time of year when it is still warm out and not cold. I still will need some brilliant color for today...and who better to supply it than these incredibly beautiful aviators!
And how cool is this amazing tree passage way? I would love to explore that!


  1. sux to be you, having to go back to work like the rest of us lowly peasants! ;-)

    but such pretty birdies!

  2. Stunning! Such pretty birds! It was surely a beautiful morning on the east coast today.

  3. I would figure. Iike the pecker.

  4. I worked today, but have the next two off for a mini-trip to Raleigh.

  5. I'm working today, but tomorrow is my Friday and my department is fully staffed. It's actually been quite pleasant.


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