Sunday, November 11, 2012

For Veterans Day!!! Little Edie's Flag Dance!

And in closing today......Happy Veterans Day to all, as we remember those who served in all our branches of service in the military. Our hats off to all veterans! How un-patriotic would it be without a Military flag dance from the ever entertaining Little Edie Bouvier Beale.........
It's funny, when you are rich you are called eccentric, but when you are poor your plain old crazy... I adore her always!
Happy Veterans Day!!!!


  1. That's it Baby... Work it... Work it!

  2. Such interesting people with their own path- I can appreciate that

  3. I was shocked to know Edie was 57 years old in this docu,despite her alopecia she was still very attractive and charming in weird way,so sad that she lived amid a trashy home and broken dreams.

  4. Personalities like hers, where have they gone? Oh thats right the casa!


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