Friday, May 18, 2018


One thing saved this show last night.....The Pit Crew girls! 

In a game very true to its name, this week’s mini challenge was basically Memory — only instead of matching words or pictures, the queens picked various shirtless Pit Crew hunks to drop their pants in the hopes of matching pairs of undies. It was basically just an excuse to check out some butts and baskets and yell stuff like “Do you you want fries with that shake? And I was WAYYYYYY ok with that.
Like most of the acting challenges on this show, Breastworld was largely a disaster. Miz Cracker spent most of the challenge messing up and berating herself for it, while Eureka — in a truly ironic twist — had difficulty acting “bigger.”, but I did enjoy her look  for the challenge.
Some positives: I actually thought Aquaria turned in a pretty decent performance as the malfunctioning robot Dyslexa, and Monet X Change kept things interesting — but over all I thought this was my least favorite of the shows this far. I am not sure what acting has to do with drag...and the acting challenges are always my least favorite.
This week’s runway challenge was a little more cerebral than most, as each queen looked five decades into the future and imagined how their lives will unfold, and what they would look like. Again not my favorite of the main stages. And was it me or was it like watching the Nanny???

 Kameron Michaels looked a dead ringer for Yetta Rosenberg ...or was it just me?

And Eureka reminded me of Sylvia Fine!!!
But I must admit Kameron's old lady did crack me up.

Unfortunately, retirement home realness wasn’t enough to make up for Kameron’s underwhelming performance in Breastworld; she found herself in the bottom two, facing off against Eureka, a similarly disappointing run ,with a “meh” runway look, which Ross Mathews rightly described as “Paula Dean dressed like a witch”. Let me just say this: Kameron and Eureka may have underperformed in this week’s challenges, but they brought it to their battle, set to the tune of Patti LaBelle’s “New Attitude.” Like, synchronized splits? What is this, gay Olympics? When they hit that stage my balls hurt!!!
Needless to say, they were both safe and both get another chance.  Now bring back that Pit Crew. I must keep my memory active.


  1. Hmm, all of those shaking bon bons have gotten me kind of dizzy!

  2. I was really worried for Kameron. I don't partitcally care for this episode either. I also think the main stage should be the bigger grade then the challenges. I mean, how many drag queens act. I personally didn't care for Asia OHara last night. And Miners runway was not funny. Plus she doesn't take RuPauls advice about wearing bigger hair. She'll be gone next I bet.

  3. Sorry I missed the Pit Crew Memory Challenge....

    Ah, but don't you think putting on a drag persona is acting? If they can successfully pull off that, they should be able to pull of another character. Just my opinion....

  4. Not my favorite episode either.

  5. Your right.....the Pit Crew saved this episode.

  6. I'm surprised that Eureka was saved, since I thought Kameron won the lip sync!

    But I get it. You need drama to make the show work. Miz Cracker had the best runway look. So chic! Also loved Kameron's look. Monet was funny, but it was more comedy sketch than fashion. But I laughed and I enjoyed it. Aquaria was funny in the challenge but was in the wrong runway show, definitely did not fit the challenge, but looked interesting as a SciFi punk rock costume. Asia won the challenge on performance. But her drag runway was not my favorite, but it was a safe choice. Eureka had a bad performance and the worst runway look. It looked drab! Paula Deen, indeed, except no amount of butter was going to make that look appealing. I was thinking, Bless her heart but she totally failed the runway! She wasn't drag queen fabulous. She was drag down boring!

  7. Anybody else miss having a VANJIE reference in this episode?

  8. I’m worried about Miz Cracker, she needs to win a challenge, and soon! I wouldn't be surprised if it's a Eureka, Aquaria, Asia top three.


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