Friday, May 4, 2018


The bell curve of a given season’s Snatch Game is pretty set at this point: There’s the couple of duds who bomb the whole thing, followed by a cavernous hollow of fair-to-middling ones that make up a majority of the performances,which then take us all the way to the two or three standouts. Add to that a most disappointing exit by a fan favorite, and we’ve got ourselves a tough episode to swim through, mermaid-style, where most of these guppies sank.

My thoughts...
Eureka O Hara is on fire! She yet again nailed both challenges...and her Honey Boo Boo had me in stiches....and I was loving her dark mermaid feel. Talk about a huge catch of the day!
But...Aquaria  was just so good. Her Melania perfectly suited her I though Aquaria has a lot of fun with her portrayal of the woman who is our First Lady, and appears to have even more fun as the performance goes on.. and her take on the oil slickened mermaid was a up to date tale I thought. I was happy with either her or Eureka  winning.

Monet X Change was also funny as Maya Angelou.
Thank God. The vocal impression is fun, she has jokes ready to go, and she improvises quickly and intelligently. She’s even armed with a soliloquy when it’s her turn to give an answer. The choice to intermittently fall asleep throughout the performance may not be something we understand, but she plays it well. You believe that it’s something Maya Angelou really did because Monét is selling it, honey!
Miz Cracker. Snatch Game is designed for contestants like Cracker to succeed; she is smart, quick on her feet and a more than adept entertainer. But I held her to high expectations for this. While I give her kudos for picking a campy, snarky Dorothy Parker, I wasn't feeling it. But I thought she had the prettiest mermaid.

I was rooting hard for Monique... but her choice of Maxine Waters was a bigger mess than the current state of our union. Her mermaid was more like stink fish then a mermaid. I was very sorry to see the queen of quotes leave, and may have been the hardest lip synch to watch since Charlie Hides.
Strong people don't put others down. They lift them up and slam them on the ground for maximum damage...and that's what this bitter queen does. I have never seen a queen so unhappy and bitter since they told Clay Aiken to top ...I'm surpised they are not using her for saltpeter. Which means another week with this bitter queen.

Bianca Del Rio was on. Need I say more?

Michelle Visage looked very delectable I thought.

And if I have to see a queen rip off her wig or do the all so easy,anticipated,  and reliable death drop one more time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I may be old school, but a queen should never be seen outside her wig!


  1. I agree with every word.
    The Vixen is awful.
    And I would have been happy with either Aquaria or Eureka for the win.

  2. I may not understand who's who or what's going on, but your relaps are wonderfully funny! You are on fire with these critiques!

  3. "...told Clay Aiken to top." That's funny! I think I would love to you on this show - You're bright, and quick witted, and I know you've got the goods!
    Happy Friday. Hugs for a great weekend.

  4. I'm thinking Eureka and Aquaria now will be the top two.

  5. Bianca Del Rio was worth seeing the night alone.

  6. I'm still trying to figure out why vixen was so upset she was chosen to leave if the other contestants could vote someone out. She has stir the pot with just about everybody. Must be like walking on nails around her in the work room.

  7. Re: Monet X Change

    Did the caged bird sing?

  8. Kameron and Miz Cracker were my fave mermaids. And Aquaria, Eureka, and Monet X Change were the most hilarious in the challenge. I still dislike the Vixen, but in the end, she earned her place to stay, because she did at least know the words to the lip sync, and it was very obvious that Monique didn't.

    Watching the Untucked segment, I didn't realize just how expensive it was to create a wardrobe just to be on the show. I would hope the contestants were compensated for their time and for the costs of putting their looks together. It bothers me to think that money is necessary to even make it on the show, because it'd be a sad reflection of life, that those with access to the most resources go further, while those with less don't get very far...

  9. It was a night that's for sure. I couldn't believe how bad Monique was, I was really enjoying her.

    I still love Kameron, but I hope she starts to speak up and changes things a's getting one note. And you can't be one note and win this.

    Bianca was everything!


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