Friday, April 6, 2018


The queens were divided into teams of three, with each of the mini challenge’s winners — Blair, Monique and Monét — serving as team captains. Each team was assigned a fake dating app for which they had to produce a scripted commercial.
And just like last week, there was one poor little queen, Yuhua Hamasaki that no one wanted on their team. In fact, when she eventually landed on Monét’s team by default, the captain made one thing painfully clear: “I got stuck with Yuhua. I didn’t choose her.”
And can you really blame Monét? Aquaria may not think runway outfits are taken into consideration, but there were some killer looks served up this week. Feathers...and we know I love me some feathers.  The judges absolutely ate up Asia’s jaw-dropping Tweety ensemble, which I didn't think was remotely stunning.....but earning her a win. A very slim win.
While I still don't think Blair will win this season, I think to me she won the night, even though she didn't have the strongest runway ensemble.
While a enjoy Kameron immensely.....she has me a bit worried on these acting challenges...but when it comes to a runway look. DAAAMMMN!!!! She brought that look. And if it comes to a dance and lip-synch...I worry not for her. Kameron slays at performances. And to me that's what drag is really about. Though Kameron came close to being up for elimination, I still think we have a few more weeks.

I again, enjoyed Monique last night. And her runway was another of my top three. It was a amazing...and the polar opposite of Eureka.
The elephant queen brought her Eureka trademark finally to the show and her runway was spectacular. I thought for sure she might be the winner. If she stays on this track she'll go far, but I don't think she will.

I tried again, and again...I just am not feeling the Vixen....and I am still thinking a  mid way queen. Her and Aquaria just seem to stir the pot for no reason. Why so bitter gurl? So when it came down to Yuhua against lip synch queen Mayhem.....I knew immediately who would be sashaying away. It ultimately came down to Yuhua and Mayhem, who battled to the tune of Hole’s “Celebrity Skin” — with Courtney Love watching them from the judges’ table, no less. Mayhem emerged the victor, sending Yuhua sashaying away. And in my opinion,  she needed to go. I think we saw all we were going to from this queen and her whining. So long, gurl!

But how's about that hottie Pit Crew member, Jared North in some of the scenes??? Have you seen the hottie Jason teach Jared how to Sissy that Walk???

Not that your Mistress EVER does this around the house.


  1. I tuned in right after that "commercial" contest, and then switched over to Project Runway Allstars... Actually, I was too tired to concentrate on anything.

  2. I guess a person misses a lot when she goes to sleep after Jeopardy! Just looking at those shoes makes my feet scream. I do believe the pit crew interest me more than anything else.

  3. I couldn't take Yuhla........she needs to stay back and just design ensembles in my opinion. Kameron and Eureka on the runway!!!!!!!! They slayed

  4. Overall, I agree with you on Blair St Clair. I dug her classy yet modern fun look. I think she should've won, for performance and runway combined. On runway alone, I think Kameron Michaels is the top spot.

    Asia had the best performance but I hated that damned Tweety Bird look! I was hoping Eureka would swoop down and eat that fugly yellow canary!

    The bottom two were the worst performers. So was Vixen. I do agree that Vixen and Aquaria are drama queens. I thought Yuhua had a better lip sync performance, but given how disconnected she was from the challenge, I suspected she would go.

  5. Again, with nothing but those pictures to go by, I'm rooting for Blair.

  6. I too adore Kameron and Eureka, but Kameron , as stunning as he is, is complete drag performance on stage. Which has been my problem with this show. They should be getting judge on drag challenges not acting and hawking dating apps!!!! I want to see just fashion and performances and runways. But I think I'm still Blair St Clair and Miz Cracker for mu top two.

  7. Jared, SHANTAY YOU STAY !!!!

  8. Vixen needs to chill…..Blair is very very sweet. But Monique and Kameron tore up that runway! I am getting over Aquaria too.

  9. Haaaaaaaaa Jared North. Someone has worn heels before? Do I hear season 11?

    Loving Monique and Monet! And the Miz.

  10. We were glad to see Yuhua go and can't wait for Vixen to be gone next.

  11. Blair is fully living her ridicoulous Tippi Hedren delusional realness. I don't think she'll last long...she always seems very nervous.


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