Friday, April 27, 2018


Here we are two shows later. It seems the girls are dropping like I thought they might, but was a bit shocked to see Mayhem leave already.  Well, that was a fly in the ointment. This week's challenge was a good one I thought. It was apparently all about proportionize!
I'm only surprised RuPaul didn't showcase Drag Con earlier then this. It perhaps is opening a whole set of future challenges based on what queens might actually end up doing in their own careers in the future.

 Eureka O'Hara

As the first double winner of the season so far, with those wins coming back-to-back no less, the show feels like it has its very first concrete front runner. That's not to say she has this all in the bag, but I have really been enjoying her this season, but I still think she seems a safe bet for possible top five placement. While Eureka's outsized personality in the workroom can grate at times, she can put it to use to work wonders during challenges. She's been bringing it!!! Eureka has been selling it harder then I sell my ass the night before rent is due.

Kameron Michaels

I'm still enjoying Kameron.... and his looks are downright incredible. BUT....The thing is, I just wish she'd gave us more to root for by speaking up a little bit in the workroom. I fear if she doesn't come out just a bit more, she may jeopardize the whole season because of being quite, which is a shame...because she is neither quite or bashful... and can put on a hell of a show. Can you say Chad Michaels pumping iron? It is evident she sparkles and enjoys drag on the runway. And I totally can relate to dating a guy who does not except drag. I did the same thing Kameron did, and gave it up once, only to realize it was part of me and came back with a vengeance. A story to tell sometime.

Monique Heart

Still loving Monique. I'm getting a Noxzema Jackson vibe from her and her personality cracks me up and continues to have an Alyssa Edwardian quality for turning almost anything that comes out of her mouth into an instantly quotable drag race classic. She does seem fixated on the fact that's she keeps getting overlooked by the judges though. I'm loving her, but some of her outfits are more basic than my cable package.


This was not her challenge, neither was the last one, but at least it was her runway the last two times saving her. I still have her placed high, but not sure about the win.

Asia O'Hara

Hello, headpiece. That was astonishing!!!!! I need one of those. Who doesn't want to be a human blow weed? 

Miz Cracker

You know when you have that late night snack you like to make with Triscuits, but you paw through your pantry and all you have is Wheat Thins, so you try to make it anyway, but it's just not what you wanted? That's what last night felt like. Just not the cracker we were used to.  Bring the extra cheese please. I still think she be top 5.

Monet X. Change

Monet certainly redeemed herself this week and came close to a win, but we can't pretend that the last two weeks didn't happen. She has an opportunity to star a new, and tonight's techno-colored church suit runway, her best of the season, was a good start. I just hope she gives us more big hair. I love when her hair is jacked for Jesus...but most weeks her hair looks flatter than roadkill that's been in the center lane of I-95 since before Christmas. I think she will be gone soon.

Blair St. Clair

In all fairness, I did enjoy Blair, but there was just something about her I couldn't fully embrace. Some of her looks made her feel to old to me for being such a young queen.  And last week on the runway, her bobs looked to low. How ironic her tits dropped before her balls. I did see a mid way girl , and that she did. Gone, but we suspect not forgotten amongst Drag Race fans anytime soon.

The Vixen

A lip syncer to watch out for, but overall, this shit stirrer, and her performances, haven't been over-indexing over the past few weeks. Her challenges have been flat and more disappointing than the trick I pulled out behind the Piggy Wiggly two nights ago.The Vixen’s hat look is based on the “floppy classic black and white beach hat” and seems like a better concept than actual look, like many of her latest runway looks.  She seems very bitter to me. I think she'll be gone girl...and soon.

What have you thought of the season thus far?

Is it me or have some of these judges been flat too? I mean when Shania Twain was on, she was stiffer than a starched shirt down at the laundry.  


  1. (came over from eroswings)

    We cut the cable ages ago, so while I'm aware of the show, I've not seen it! Now, TYVM, I have to find it and binge watch!! These ladies are fantastic! xo

    1. Hey there Savy!!!!!!

      I am hooked on that show!!!! I have the feeling since you visit MJ's place also, you'd enjoy the show. Same fashionable time, just no naked old men chasing everyone about with there low hangers!!!!

  2. I don't watch the show, but I really enjoy your relaps. You are hilarious!

  3. IMO, it's the judges who could TRULY make the show. The competitions are fun. The backstage antics can get tedious very quickly. If the judges were given a teensy bit more exposure it could really enhance the flavor. Well, the ones who aren't afraid (poor Shania).
    Have a terrific weekend. Hugs!

  4. Awww, I liked Blair. Vixen gets on my nerves. But I have to say, so far, the right people earned their place to stay, especially when they go all out in the lip sync.

    I like Kameron and Asia the best this week. They had the best looks. Still loving Miz Cracker!

    The guest judges do seem out of place or just need a few drinks to loosen up.

    This morning I made a grocery run--ran out of bread for making sandwiches. I saw a picture of a goat on some cheese and immediately thought, "Miss Vanjie! Miss Vaaanjie! Miss Vaaaanjie!"

    I did a quick look around to make sure that I hadn't said that out loud.

    (Hi, Savannah!)

    1. Vaaanjie......vaaaaaaaaaaaanjie....Speaking of vangie's, did you wash yours today?

  5. Well now that my girl Blair is gone....i think I'll root for Kameron. She does bring the fashion and style. I could watch a whole show of her performing.

  6. Your crack made me laugh on this one. I still can't believe Mayhem is gone!!!! I think I'll root for Kameron or Eruka now.

    1. Methinks some of these well known talented queens are not in their element when there on the show. Mayhem enjoyed her time on Drag Race, but she is already huge in California. All the competition and time frames and such wouldn't have been for me either.

  7. Asia's runway was great...loved that head piece!!!!! A nice tip of the hat to Leigh Bowery.

  8. I too love Monquie and I too definelty get a Noxsema vibe from her cracks and expressions. But your crack " her looks are more basic then my cable package"!!! LOLLOLLOLLOL

  9. I LOVED that Dandelion hat! I want THAT Dandelion hat.
    And I agree completely about Blair ... she was kind of just there. I wished she'd played it nice, and shady instead of just nice, and more nice.

  10. I think my am team Eureka now!!!!

    Some of you cracks had me giggling.

  11. I kind of wish Blair had pulled out all the stops on that lipsync though. I'm more than over Vixen.

  12. RuPaul's Drag Race is/was my only exposure to drag culture and I have been hooked since stumbling on the 2nd season of the show. I love the irony of these larger than life characters contrasting with the very real human vulnerablility of the contestants. This show has so much heart, it is breathtaking. I love them all!

  13. Ugh the Vixen is so unpolished and has such a bad attitude. Even her reaction to being in the bottom was obnoxious. She can’t even acknowledge how salty she was on the panel cause her head is too far up her you know what.

    I think Aquaria or Miz will win the season, but I adore Eureka and Kameron. Eureka sort of brought all the under dogs together and they showed everybody. Would be funny if they eneded up the top three.

  14. We're enjoying this season very much! I agree with everything you say, Mistress. I'm starting to root for Eureka to go all the way. But Drag Race is prejudiced against the Big Girls when it comes to the top title. If my girl Ginger Minj couldn't win it, no one can. Yes, I'm still bitter.


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