Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Well..... were four shows in Drag Race already, and I have to say it's has been very entertaining. Here are some of my latest observations and thoughts.

With one of my favorites gone now, and much sooner than I would have ever thought, was Charlie Hides. With a already huge drag career in London, I had him placed top three, or at least till the Snatch Game. Charlie is not a lip synch drag performer, but uses his comedy and impressions, so I am not even sure why he went on the show. Makes me wonder if Charlie was on to get ratings and as a filler. Lots of my friends ripped poor Charlie for his performance. But if truth be told, had he never made it to the bottom two, we never would have seen this accident. Charlie is like Bianca Del Rio, who never once got into the bottom two. Had she, it may have played out much different for her. Bianca too is not a dancing and lip synch queen.

Valentina is smashing this season, and every week is gaining more and more of me. She was and still is in my top three, I would almost dare say, will she be the first real glamour queen to be crowned? She is really bringing it!!! And so adorable.

Well, it seems I was correct in thinking Jaymes and Kimora would be the first two gone. And if Kimora didn't know what a adjective was she deserved to go home.

I love Aja and Alexis Michelle and have seen them perform. While I am enjoying them, I am hoping they step it up soon and really let loose what I know they can do.

This week the queens starred in their very own musical inspired by the rise of the Kardashian family and the show. While I hate the Kardashians it was rather funny to see the girls do this musical. It was very entertaining. But during this challenge I got worried.

I love me some Nina Bo'nina...she started off with such a strong start, but now the girl has come undone and I think this will be her down fall. Her only saving grace will be if she ends up in a lip synch, I would think she'd win. But at this point, if she makes top five I'll be shocked.
I also think Farrah is numbered soon. I don't think she has many
more tricks to pull out yet. And if Aja or Alexis don't werk it or wreck it soon, I think the next wave of queens going will be Farrah, Aja and Peppermint, followed by Alexis, if Nina drops the sads.

I said  Shea Coulee' would be one to watch and she is bringing it hot!!!!

 Trinity Taylor is also werking it, and bringing the high hair and creative fashion. Let's just hope no more acting challenges for her!!!!!


So with Charlie out and now Eureka, I'm thinking in the top five will be Valentina, Sasha, Shea, Trinity and either Michelle or Cynthia, provided one of them can hold it together and bring it.

What's your thoughts so far and observations?


  1. No one this year has me all fired up, not like past seasons. I'm finding things a bit dull so far, if that's not heresy to say.

  2. Agreed about Charlie. He and Bianca were both queens in respect that neither of them are you "typical" queens in sense they don't dance and perform lipsnychs. Bianco only lucked out she never made the bottom. I love her though.

    I'm more upset that there is no pit crew. Have you noticed their almost non existent?

  3. I'm with you about Valentina; I'm loving her.
    And I cannot wait for Snatch Game!

  4. The only other time that a queen totally gave up and didn't even try to lyp sync was Tammie Brown. While she and Charlie are talented and different routines, why did they even bother to go on the show?

    I think the top three will come down to Sasha, Valentina and Shea in no particular order.

  5. I'm with Debs, with this talent of beauty, for some reason, it;'s falling flat.

    Sasha is the only one that is holding my interests. I usually can not wait to see what she is gonna wear or do.

  6. Love Cynthia...and she has a HOOK with Coo Coo....., just like CHARO with Hoochie coochie....u don't forget'm!

  7. i adore ru & the race, but this these are the best, most talented queens in the cuntry? if this is really the best of the best, i'd say the show has jumped the shark.

    1. Norma, I agree to a point. Having seen at least three to 6 of the queens every season perform before, I never see this on the show. This year for example, I have seen what Alexis and Aja can do, buy have yet see it on here. Makes me wonder if all the powers that be already known who top three will be, and the others told to tone it down. I also wish the show would be more like a hour drag show, and less behind the scenes.

  8. What amazes us is that what a guilty pleasure this show is. We have gay and straight friends who watch, but would never admit it.

  9. Our girl Valentina is gonna have a clean sweep!!!!! I love Nina Bo'nina, but she is falling apart.

  10. Not having seen any of the show this season, I can't comment. I only know, my mistress is my favorite! Hugs!!!


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