Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dressed and Heeled

The Mistress was recently asked in a email what women I thought were well dressed and always looked good. I really had to think about this. I love a well dressed woman. Put together from head to toe. Some of the women I used to work with looked a fright. I always told them to put on some make-up, get their hair did, and put on some heels and a lovely outfit before they step outside their door. Otherwise it's a insult to every delicacie to my nature! So, Batina, here you go.

1-Anna Wintour

Enough said.

2-Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi always looks cool and confident in her power suits while fighting it out in the US House. Other female politicians should take notes on how to represent their districts with some flair. And not in a suit with sneakers.

3-Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Willians is a dream come true. Fresh, elegant, and at times, over the top and still manages to pull it off. She wear the right things, the right colors and is always flawless.

4- Carolina Herrera

This ultra luxe European designer always looks relaxed, chic, and well put together, while still being elegant and stately. Carolina looks and dresses very appropriate for her age. Classic and timeless.

5-Victoria Beckman

I know I may be a minority on this one. Victoria can pull just about anything off with confidence and elegance. This look above is just so chic! She is always put together, and sort of reminds me of a modern day Holly Golighty. And her best accessory is that hot husband of hers. She can wear whose glasses too, and most of the time always wears what is good for her.

6-Sophia Loren

This Italian goddess was always a favorite of mine since I met her once at a boutique opening yeas ago. She was and still is well put together. I like her style. While being sex kitten with fish nets and high heels, she can give the tramp a twist with a elegant, classic touch. And those wide brimmed hats!!! Hell, lets face it, she can make a slip and pearls elegant.

7- Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is always flawless and put together before stepping outside her door. While being earthy, she still looks elegant and chic. Always a favorite, and classic.

8-Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie always like flawless whether she is in a gown or a St.John suit.Hell, for that matter even a asymmetrical tee shirt and jean looks good on her. She has really came along way.

9-Georgette Mosbacher

Georgette Mosbacher, who is the CEO of Borghese Cosmetics and a New York socialite, after all these years, can still throw on a power suit and manage to add some drama with a little color or texture to a suit. And girl can wear a gown.

10-Ivanka Trump

Ivanka for her young age in this these times always looks put together and confident, and can be sexy while not looking like a whore like her famous counter parts. She looks like her mother Ivana, but only she got it right.


  1. My SIL and I were talking once. She remembered how her Mom always dressed up, heels, suit, gloves, hat, hair and makeup and jewelry to go shopping in the city. Now jeans will do. Not sure I would go back to the old days but it is nice to get dressed up for things other than weddings and funerals.

  2. you know I love my Angelina....and Anna is ALWAYS fierce!!! a BITCH, but a FIERCE BITCH!!!!

    I love you Maddie

  3. Here Here on Carolina Herera, Vanessa Williams, and Sophia Loren! I'm not so sure about Nancy Pelosi. And Posh Spice is just GROSS- I can't believe she made your list!

  4. Wonderful picks. I agree. These are somne classy ladies!

  5. What a intresting list. It's funny. If you were a woman I'm betting your style would be alot like some of these beauties. I agree with most of them. They are very well dressed. We European girls do like to dress up even to just go shopping. It's all about style over here. Even to just the market we like to be presentable.

  6. Some great choices here. I do love some Vaneassa Williams and Posh Spice. Do you like any singers with style?

  7. What a great cross section of strong women from all fields! I love to see a great dressed woman walking down the street. And Vanesaa and Angelina are some real bombs! Sex bombs that is. At their finest. Sophia always has it! Great post!

  8. Mistress Maddie #1 FanSeptember 25, 2009 at 2:55 PM

    What a great topic to see from your perpsective after what you do all day. I agree with alot of them. Except Victoria Beckham. She can look good, but most of the time she looks way to tan and skinny.

  9. Those are some great picks there! I have always loved Sophia Loren! Nancy does have it going on for a woman of the house. I like the fact that you mention women dressing up. I NEVER go out befroe the make-up in on and the hair did! It just ain't right!

  10. You will cry when you meet me. I'll try to work on it some before then, but we'll see.

    Great list! Does it count that I know who they are?

  11. The Mistress has wonderful taste in women & men. Well done.
    I am always drawn to Catherine Deneuve.


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